In case you need a highly effective Internet hosting solution for your websites, you'll need a standalone server as a shared website hosting plan may not be able to handle the load or you could simply need some software to be present on the web server. While a shared web server is managed by the host company, this isn't the case with a virtual or a dedicated machine, so you'll have to take care of a number of tasks such as keeping a backup of your content or installing software. This can be an issue if you do not have loads of experience or you simply do not have time to handle such issues. For this sort of situations we offer a Managed Services upgrade, which features a number of tasks our system administrators can execute for you, saving you the time and the trouble to do them yourself. This upgrade will enable you to start and maintain a productive online presence and you can concentrate on developing your sites rather than dealing with small tiresome tasks.
Managed Services Package in VPS Servers
When you choose to sign up for one of our VPS servers plans, you could include the Managed Services upgrade either throughout the order process or at any time later on using your billing CP and renew it for as long as you need it along with the VPS monthly payments. In case this upgrade is active for your package deal, we shall keep weekly backups the whole content you have on the hosting server, so in case anything bad happens after some update, for instance, we could restore the VPS they way it was. Our administrators shall also keep track of the server all the time and if a problem turns up, they will solve it or will restart the machine. The upgrade also includes thirty minutes of custom work, which is sufficient for the majority of tasks - setting up and troubleshooting third-party program you would like to use or which does not run properly. Moreover, we shall also keep your Operating System up-to-date to make sure that your machine remains risk-free and stable at all times.
Managed Services Package in Dedicated Servers
We offer the Managed Services upgrade with all our dedicated servers and if you decide that you need it, you can add it on the order page or through your billing area with only a few clicks. You can also decide if you will use it just once or for a considerable period of time since it won't be locked to your dedicated web server plan. The Managed Services upgrade features fifty gigabytes of backup space to ensure that we can restore any vital info you may have in the event that anything breaks down, 24/7 hosting server supervising and rebooting when necessary, Operating System updates to ensure the safe and stable operation of your sites as well as installing and troubleshooting any third-party program that you would like to use on the server. You'll be able to save a lot of time and efforts with this upgrade as you will get timely support from our skilled system admins every time you need it.