If you host your websites on a dedicated hosting machine, you would expect that they'll perform ultra fast and that the access speed to them shall depend exclusively on the Internet connection of the visitors. Nevertheless, this won't be the case if the hosting machine has lousy network connectivity or relies on a network card, which simply can't deal with high volume of traffic. If this is the case, it'll take a while for your sites to load if lots of people open them simultaneously or visitors might even see error messages. Because of this you might lose website visitors as most likely many people will not revisit your website in the event that they have experienced issues or slow loading speeds. This is the reason why you should pay attention to the network components of any new server that you acquire and not just to the main hardware like CPU, RAM or hard disk drive.
Server Network Hardware in Dedicated Servers
Our dedicated server solutions can provide you with the maximum performance this sort of web hosting is capable of. The potent hardware configurations include meticulously tested gigabit network cards which will provide you with the capacity you require even in the event that you have thousands of site visitors simultaneously. Multi-gigabit connection to our data center in the town center of Chicago will permit your visitors to access the information on the hosting server at the maximum speed their Connection to the internet is capable of, while the newest generation switches, routers and hardware firewalls that are a part of our internal network are an assurance that there won't be any grid problems that may cause connectivity problems or delays of any kind. The network configuration has been improved for the maximum throughput the hardware can provide, so you'll not have any issues with the access speed to your websites at any time.